Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University       Aug. 2013-Present (QPA:3.61)

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University  Sept. 2009-Jun. 2013 (GPA:3.7)

 Technical Skills

Matlab, C++, Labview, Solidworks, AutoCAD, AutoLISP, Abaqus,  LATEX

Selected Courses 

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Adaptive Control and Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory

Nonlinear Control, Advanced Controller Design, Electronics, Signals and Systems

Research/Lab Experience

Research Assistant in Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.              Sept. 2013- Present Propeller Performance Aerodynamics Modeling and Quadrotor Control

  • Proposed and implemented a hybrid optimization strategy for online propeller model learning and wind disturbance compensation (implemented in MATLAB and C++ using ROS)
  • Designed a propeller model adaptation method using motor power efficiency from motor controller data, implemented state estimation algorithms, interfaced load cells for propeller model training data in C++
  • Integrated propeller model adaptation with robust adaptive control algorithm for stable transient response and fast convergence
  • Investigated trajectory optimization problems addressing actuation saturation in harsh environments

Bachelor Research Project in National Taiwan University, Taiwan                        Sept. 2011- Jun. 2013

– Tree-Climbing Robot Design                                                       

  • Directed teamwork for tree-climbing robot locomotion research
  • Designed robot mechanism, actuation systems using Solidworks, and control systems using Labview

Research Assistant in National Space Organization, Taiwan                                      Jun. 2011-Sept. 2011

– HTTP2 Rocket Launch                

  • Conducted aerodynamic impact analysis, designed rocket configuration, tested system payload and structure reliability as well as executed launching missions

Selected Projects

              -CAD design and Animation                                                                                        Feb. 2013-Jun. 2013

  • Used AutoCAD for mechanical design and AutoLISP for animation with interface for user interaction

-Four-bar Linkage Design, Simulation, and Visualization                                                          Dec. 2012

  • Designed a four-bar linkage with desired dynamic profiles and simulated its response in MATLAB

                 -Mobile Robot with Shooting Mechanism Design                                                      Feb. 2012-Jun. 2012

  • Designed a mobile robot with a shooting mechanism using servo motors to overcame difficult terrains and complete shooting tasks in different scenarios


  • Best Personal Contribution Candidate for NSC Research Scholarship Projects, Taiwan 2012
  • National Science Council (NSC) Research Scholarship, Taiwan                                   2011

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