Wind Field Prediction and Trajectory Optimization with Actuation Saturation

With the information of propeller efficiency from the actuation systems on quadrotors, we are capable of predicting the wind field around the vehicle. The fitted response surface below shows the prediction on wind velocity based on current motor states:


Based on the above, further study on the planning problems subjected to the influence of disturbed airflow on the vehicle is conducted. I aim to propose a trajectory optimization method introducing the consumed aerodynamic power and the actuation output constraints, and render a real-time planning technique resolving the deteriorated tracking performance during navigation in harsh environments.

The below shows the comparison of the trajectories from MPC and from minimum snap trajectory subjected to system actuation saturation, with the control cost considering aerodynamic situations formulated in the trajectory optimization.


With the ability to predict the surrounding wind fields, we are capable of generation trajectories that meet the harsh environmental changes and are energy efficient. This work is now in progress.

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