Tree-Climbing Robot Design

The purpose of this research is to provide the service of coconut palm trimming on campus, to reduce the risk of the associated labor work. Therefore, the goal is to design a tree-climbing robot of self-reliance, capable of adapting to the variation of environment and conducting proper path-planning for stable motion control. Also, the study of the dynamic performance with gravity compensation and the corresponding motion control system is included in the research. Self-reliance, by means of the adapted mechanism to the tree radius variation, maintains the stability of the dynamic control system and the overall climbing efficiency.

Here, it is to regulate the applied normal forces while climbing, and to keep the contact angle of the wheels varying in an acceptable range. Proper path planning and the analysis of system dynamics are conducted through experiments and programming to achieve the locomotion of efficient dynamic performance.

The videos are available for the tests and demos of the capability of our first prototype to conduct stable climbing locomotion on campus, more advanced research topics are continuously being covered on this platform in the BioRobot Lab in Mechanical Engineering Department, National Taiwan University.

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